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I called our local battered women's shelter, and they said they'd love to have the items.

Sometimes folks looking to sell put items on the Internet and haven’t spelled certain key words correctly.

After her death, her husband and son put some of her favorite items in the room where she did yoga.

Here are a handful of great gear items that will do just that.

Roughly 88 percent of their diet is deer followed by coyote, raccoon, and smaller prey items.

They would go to the store with a repackaged and shrink-wrapped broken item inside a new box and return it for full value.

The item on federal prisoners was disturbing in a different way.

Another noteworthy item from this study: Women who started having sex earlier found greater satisfaction in college.

“They are very friendly and curious,” The Evening Independent wrote in 1979 in an item emphasizing their popularity and cuteness.

Do not move on to the next item on this list until you have thoroughly answered these questions.

My mother now tells me that she knew of this mistake, an error of the New York paper in copying the item from a Southern journal.

After her death he gave up society, so that this item of expenditure diminished perceptibly.

Nor can her knowledge of musical literature have been extensive, for her pupil could not remember a single item in her repertory.

Suppose that some newspaper should give that item of news, don't you think folks would get the book, when it was published?

Your composing-room door is locked, and the present item of news destined for your readers is not likely to leak out.


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