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noun as in mass, slab of something

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Mine was nicely flavored, with a little bit of heat from that promised Cajun seasoning, but it was limp, not crisp, and fell away from the fish in gummy chunks when I tried to pull the edge of the filet apart.

After time and exposure to sunlight, they tend to weather into smaller and smaller chunks with the same chemical composition.

The recipe developer Rick Martinez uses a similar method, breaking the cooked sweet potatoes into large chunks, dousing them in good oil and plenty of salt, and letting the oven crisp up all the corners.

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Heated gloves use the same lithium-ion battery technology as the rechargeable ones listed above, but the active heaters are fit to the glove, so you can maintain grip and flexibility without maneuvering around a large chunk of plastic and metal.

This 70-year-old family-run dairy is a master at balancing smooth and crunchy textures for optimal chunk-burrowing with a spoon.

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Al Qaeda has never managed to carve out a large chunk of real estate to call its own—in Afghanistan it was a guest of the Taliban.

They gave us three laptops (to run our light show) and a nice chunk of cash.

According to Travolta, quite a good chunk of the dance routine was conceived on the spot.

Most scientists who study the Moon think it formed when a huge impact in the early Solar System broke a chunk of Earth off.

Reynolds spent $1.5 million on an anti-smoking campaign, a large chunk of his wealth.

It's a big chunk of money, and a little thing like killing a man or two won't trouble them.

She was working on a chunk of marble and she had the forehead and general scalp contours almost completed.

And it makes a huge chunk of a very different style and quality between Chapters II.

Davis, because a man of family and more conservative, insisted it would be a “pretty tough chunk of a fight.”

Then one o' the Lieutenant's men jerked the chunk o' cheese away and283 broke it open.


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