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The specimen dates back 50 million years to the Eocene epoch, meaning this particular taxonomic group may be twice as old as scientists previously assumed.

The key to fine pruning is to end up with a specimen that is groomed and structurally sound but still looks natural.

His 2016 NBA Finals heroics made him a champion, and his signature shoes have the best design concepts of the three, but he is neither a comparable scorer nor physical specimen.

The oldest specimens studied by the La Jolla team were obtained about nine months ago, Weiskopf said.

Although these policies apply to USGS scientists, they’re a good model of specimen stewardship for the entire scientific community.

I just love the fact that they believe me to be enough of a physical specimen to be a part of those organizations!

He loved planting unusual trees, shrubs, and flowers throughout the grounds, and carefully directed where each specimen would go.

That gave participants an opportunity to try taxidermy without skinning the specimen, which some people find hard to stomach.

Under Mongolian law, any fossil specimen found in the Gobi Desert must stay in the possession of a Mongolian institution.

Eventually, several people squat over a newspaper in the hopes of matching a fresh specimen with the one in question.

As a rule, however, even in the case of extreme varieties, a careful examination of the specimen will enable it to be identified.

A moderately enlarged testis (probably regressing) was noted in the specimen from Pisté, on July 21.

Miss Thangue sat forward with the frank curiosity of the Englishwoman when inspecting a foreign specimen.

"A beautiful specimen; a man of great force," I unburdened myself when we got outside.

There was one honest dog in that company, but the two-legged specimen was a little "too sweet to be wholesome."


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