Definition for stereotype

noun as in idea held as standard, example

verb as in categorize as being example, standard

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Example Sentences

Unlike the Tibetans or Muslim Uyghurs of its far west, China’s ethnic Mongol population has long been seen as pacified, content, and well-assimilated, fulfilling the stereotype of a “model minority” in a country bubbling with ethnic tensions.

From Quartz

It is imperative that we continue to battle the stereotypes and prejudices that prevent too many of us from making our best and highest contribution to our Republic.

From Fortune

Some workers were more likely to worry about stereotypes than others, whether because of their own innate fears or the actual prevalence of these attitudes in their work environments.

From Fortune

Science News has a long history covering race in America, including research on stereotypes and stigma, racial bias in research funding, and how the lack of diverse representation in clinical trials risks lives.

Many of these biases arise out of stereotypes — simplified beliefs that may not be true.

Give this gorgeous book to that friend who fits the stereotype.

A judge ruled that Black Piet indeed is a negative stereotype that infringes on the rights of black people in The Netherlands.

But it often feels more like something from a Japanese stereotype than anything explicitly offensive.

Our stereotype of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ is cocaine, nightclubs, and flapper girls.

So why is that such a lingering stereotype in the way pop culture represents Hollywood?

To look back, and to stereotype one bygone humour—what a hopeless thing!

The new edition, being printed from entirely new stereotype plates, is a great improvement upon former editions.

A new edition, brought down to the Present Time, and printed from entirely new stereotype plates.

This formed the matrix into which the molten metal was poured to make the stereotype plate, or die, for printing.

But that must be as it may; and if you think the acceptance dubious, it is much the better plan not to stereotype.


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