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animated is a synonym of spirited

adjective [ an-uh-mey-tid ]

animated is another word for spirited

Spirited describes something that shows energy, vitality, or courage (a spirited debate about modern music).

Animated describes something that shows energy and liveliness (She was always animated when discussing her cat).

✅ These words refer to things which show energy and force.

Spirited emphasizes courage and strength, whereas animated emphasizes energy (an animated explanation; a spirited performance in the ring).

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overwrought is a synonym of nervous

adjective [ oh-ver-rawt, oh-ver- ]

overwrought is another word for nervous

Nervous describes being especially uneasy or apprehensive, particularly in an excessively excited way (He felt so nervous that he started pacing the room).

Overwrought describes being extremely agitated, particularly in a frantic way (I took a break when I started feeling overwrought).

✅ These words both describe feeling agitated, uneasy, or apprehensive and may suggest feeling hysterical.

Nervous suggests a direct cause of your feelings, whereas overwrought suggests a mood you might be in that makes events more difficult (I cry more easily when I’m overwrought; I’m nervous about the interview).

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capricious is a synonym of flighty

adjective [ kuh-prish-uhs, -pree-shuhs ]

capricious is another word for flighty

Flighty describes someone who is often frivolous and prone to flights of fancy (a fun but flighty friend).

Capricious describes someone who is erratic and changeable (a capricious person who was hard to anticipate).

Flighty often suggests irresponsibility, but isn’t necessarily a negative term, while capricious suggests being unpredictable and is often negative (I was always in trouble with my capricious boss; Being flighty makes him fun to hang out with).

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