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noun as in tiny piece, usually of wood or metal

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The projects Metro is targeting this time around are a sliver of a nearly $23 billion budget for capital projects that stretches 10 years.

There’s only been like a sliver, like two, maybe, that have taken any money from Amazon to spend in the retail media space.

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Experts believe the federal tally of nearly 500 variant cases across 32 states — including the strains first found in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil — is a sliver of the real picture.

“So we are excited to have a sliver of live performance and try to provide that source of inspiration that will help remind people that we are all here, we’re all Americans, we are all working to get through this,” he said.

Get rid of soap slivers, nearly empty bottles and dried up nail polish.

There was some small sliver of hope that Democrats could regain some lost ground in 2016 with Hillary Clinton on the ballot.

The governor with at least a tiny sliver of a heart is gone.

And if he can stabilize this sliver of the country, it could prevent another devastating war.

Leaving the OR that night, I looked up the clear sky, at the flocks of white seagulls and a sliver of crescent moon.

Despite name ID and fluent Spanish (there was a sizable Hispanic population in the area), he lost by a sliver.

I took a look around, trying to find a sliver of light that would reveal the part of the building in which the men were hiding.

There was Old Slade, from over on the bluff opposite, slyly cutting a sliver of salt fish from one in the bale upon which he sat.

I have heard noises something like them in sawmills when the circular saw happened to strike a sliver.

Once it raised its head and a sliver of flesh shook from its teeth before the face dropped again to devour.

In his hand he had a stone knife—you know, a thin, sharp sliver of some obsidian-like stuff same as they make arrow-heads out of.


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