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[ chip ]SEE DEFINITION OF chipping

Synonyms for chipping

  • chop
  • crack
  • hack
  • nick
  • splinter
  • whack
  • break
  • chisel
  • clip
  • crumble
  • damage
  • flake
  • fragment
  • gash
  • hackle
  • hew
  • incise
  • notch
  • shape
  • shear
  • slash
  • slice
  • sliver
  • snick
  • snip
  • split
  • whittle
  • crack off
  • cut away
  • cut off

Antonyms for chipping

  • fix
  • mend
  • build
  • combine
  • increase
  • join
  • put together
Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


I have no tame pets, but there are some chipping sparrows around our house.

Yet in all that time he only learned to grind his flint stones instead of chipping them.

A drifting chisel may have a longer taper than one used for chipping.

If chipping or cutting is required, he will grasp the first chisel at hand.

Not only that the flints are tiny but that the chipping upon them is "minute."

So fine is the chipping that to see the workmanship a magnifying glass is necessary.

So I prowled about and got plenty, chipping off as much as I could conveniently carry.

One object of slate, shaped like a knife, was made by chipping.

Chipping it with an adze, and boring it with an augur, to ascertain its quality.

He sets the egg on end perhaps by as obvious a plan as chipping the end.


early 15c., "to chip" (intransitive, of stone); from Old English forcippian "to pare away by cutting, cut off," verbal form of cipp "small piece of wood" (see chip (n.)). Transitive meaning "to cut up, cut or trim" is from late 15c. Sense of "break off fragments" is 18c. To chip in "contribute" (1861) is American English, perhaps from card-playing. Related: Chipped; chipping. Chipped beef attested from 1826.