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The atoms vibrate less, and because such vibrations are simply heat, the alloy’s temperature drops.

Einstein used Brownian motion to deduce the existence of atoms, which bombard the microscopic particles.

It is really fascinating that atoms and quarks, following very different rules, can both form very similar complex objects.

Lenz noted that if most atoms pointed together, their tiny magnetic fields would fuse, and the material would act like a magnet overall.

A negatively charged oxygen atom sits at the bottom of that “V,” explains Xia.

Check: “This atom smashing business is going to herald the final victory of the machine.”

They found that there are roughly 1,900 hydrogen atoms for each deuterium atom in the water on Comet 67P.

Releasing a new issue was like dropping an atom bomb on the industry.

You have the atom, which has the neutron, the electron, the proton.

A face in a sea of faces, how could you know he hid among them like Oppenheimer, building a lab to split the atom.

Standing in the wet shingle, Maynard regarded the speckled atom as it lay in the palm of his hand.

Such an atom would by the rotation of the sphere accomplish no motion except, indeed, that it might turn round on its own centre.

She had a governess and she had a maid, but I must say she didn't seem an atom set up, and was just as nice when she met us girls.

The loss of one electron by an atom leaves a unit positive charge on the particle.

The smallest atom, when she chooses to make use of it, is obliged to obey her will.


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