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noun as in end piece

Weak match

verb as in confuse, bewilder

verb as in walk with deliberation

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Example Sentences

This woman turned her tree stump into a Little Free Library fit for magical elves.

He winds his way through a stump speech with the same inflections and cadences of a Southern preacher.

Once you’re confident you can avoid rocks and stumps, there’s no need to delay the season further.

Prop it up in the fork of a tree or set it on a rock, stump or two forked prop sticks.

Wearing a bandanna fashioned as a headband, a cut-off T-shirt and dark glasses, he was perched on a tree stump and pointing back at the camera.

They are model citizens, the kind of people whose lives might be used as exemplary stories by a politician in a stump speech.

Plus “The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth/And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath”?

Looking to turn back the tide or at least hold it back for one more election, Clinton will stump in Benton County next week.

CNN posted a video of UPD Chief of Police Linda Stump addressing the issue.

Republicans and Democrats love bashing lobbyists on the stump.

For hours the gray man would sit on a tombstone, while Black Sheep read epitaphs, and then with a sigh would stump home again.

The cigar stump held firmly between his teeth, he stood on the rug before the hearth, facing the door.

But, just as they were piling some more leaves in the hollow stump, they heard many voices of men shouting in the woods.

Mrs. Maloney sat on a stump near her daughter, and busied herself energetically with alternate nursing and painting.

By sheer good fortune a big tree stump stood under the door of the freight car, or the children never could have opened it.


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