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There are many different ways to make snowshoes, and the crudest and quickest method is to strap a bundle of evergreen boughs underneath each foot—though it’s a cumbersome task that does little to improve traction.

In the event the snow won’t hold together to build solid building blocks or you are caught without tools, you can still dig out a trench and cover it with a flat roof of poles, tree boughs, and an insulating layer of snow.

Since a fire would melt the snow covered boughs overhead, your best bet for warmth is packing the well with insulating materials.

To make a bough bed, you can use leaves, grass, evergreen boughs, or other plant material for insulation.

Add a bough bedWhile this is not a shelter by itself, a thick bough bed makes an outstanding addition to any type of shelter large enough to accommodate it.

A couple of innocuous paragraphs are all that appeared in the privately printed book, The Fruitful Bough.

No man should regard the subject of religion as decided for him until he has read The Golden Bough.

Outside Rome, showing the same ideas at work among neighbouring peoples, was the 'golden bough' in the grove of Diana at Aricia.

A few more shots put an end to its existence, and we then pulled up under the bough on which it was hanging.

Wandering from the parent bough,Little, trembling leaf,Whither goest thou?

The birds were singing, black squirrels were jumping from bough to bough, and they could hear the tapping of the woodpecker.


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