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The second was a small atmospheric ripple, the remnants of an old thunderstorm complex in the Sonoran Desert.

That’s how human DNA has become riddled with remnants of past viral infections.

The form factor of the Kegelhelm is directly known from three 8th century tombs in Argos that contained remnants of the helmets.

To find remnants of it, researchers explored the seafloor near Antarctica.

The city, by circa 1099 AD, was even guarded by the disfranchised remnants of the previous Turkish garrison.

My dad had worked for a while as a ranch hand, and his “Open Road” was a remnant of those days.

“There is a little remnant of humanity in Tywin Lannister,” he says.

Then they install sump pumps to remove remnant toxic waters.

And, whereas the townspeople start rioting and attacking the chain-smoking cult the Guilty Remnant, Nora is at peace.

Jewish or Christian thinkers would speak of a righteous remnant.

The Spaniards, indeed, feigned to regard them only as a remnant of the rebels who had joined the pre-existing brigand bands.

A remnant of the long parliament assembled during the anarchy, and has been termed the rump.

This imputation on his son was too much for the small remnant of patience that remained to the Duke.

When the main French columns were deployed, Lannes, with the remnant of his indomitable corps, had a brief period of rest.

Hearken unto me, O house of Jacob, all the remnant of the house of Israel who are carried by my bowels, are borne up by my womb.


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