Definition for stone

noun as in hard piece of earth's surface

Strongest matches

gem, gravel, metal, mineral, pebble, rock

Strong matches

boulder, crag, jewel, masonry, ore, stonework

noun as in small hard seed

Strongest matches

kernel, pip, pit, seed

Weak matches

grain, nut

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Example Sentences

One of these stones is decorated with a boar lying on its back.

Stonehenge today includes 63 complete stones, including 17 standing sarsen stones in the outer circle.

We used to sit around his stone fireplace, chatting about everything under the sun, wine flowing and Leonard Cohen playing somewhere in the background.

From Fortune

Instead, the focus is on medical conditions that astronauts have a fairly high chance of developing, like rashes or kidney stones.

The stones help squish food so a creature doesn’t have to grind up everything in its mouth.

My body used for his hard pleasure; a stone god gripping me in his hands.

“The US cannot tolerate the idea of any rival economic entity,” Stone writes.

Accusing his opponents of being locked in a Cold War mind-set, it is Stone who is beholden to old orthodoxies.

That Stone would slander the democratic, pro-Western, EuroMaidan revolution as a CIA coup is no surprise.

Mullins quotes Stewart from an interview with Rolling Stone.

That evening in the gondola, with one old and two newer friends, is marked with a white stone in my recollection.

Monsieur,” growls the baron, “stone walls have ears, you say if only they had tongues; what tales these could tell!

A colossal steam "traveller" had ceaselessly carried great blocks of stone and long steel girders from point to point.

The clink of the stone-masons' chisels had resounded year after year from morning till night.

A few small rocks of some soft stone may be added, and in between these the Ferns are planted.


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