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Gas bubbles rise through puddles of mud, producing goopy popping sounds.

That included the mud shack in northeastern South Africa where 4-year-old Ntando Kubheka lived.

Allbirds figures that sticking with its best advantage—its good-for-the-planet sheen—represents its best chance of not getting left in the mud.

Geysers of oil, rock and mud have shot skyward 100 feet, and slopes have collapsed under smoking waterfalls of crude and wastewater.

Oil Companies Are Profiting From Illegal Spills. And California Lets Janet Wilson, The Desert Sun, and Lylla Younes, ProPublicaSeptember 18, 2020ProPublica

She splashed around in the water, dressed in her conservative Friday best, her grandchildren squealing and throwing mud at one another.

A winch can make a lot of problems go away, the most obvious of which is being stuck in the mud.

Six ways to make your ATV even more ruggedBy Tyler Freel/Outdoor LifeSeptember 17, 2020Popular Science

On those mud flats, a team of 12 people planted more than a half million marsh plants to help anchor the sediment in place.

The backpack itself is made of breathable, waterproof material that will survive spilled drinks, mud, and being tossed around.

Backpacks that will charge your phonePopSci Commerce TeamAugust 26, 2020Popular Science

Evidence hints that nematodes and certain mud snails use this search strategy.

The Bishop of Tronyem over the ankles in the sodden, trodden pasture—sticking in the mud of Sulitelma!

Feats on the FiordHarriet Martineau


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Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.