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noun as in gum

noun as in opium

noun as in pavement

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Example Sentences

The tar that holds old metal roofs together sometimes melts.

By taring the weight, you can use one bowl for all of your ingredients.

An additional complication to the cleanup, Mowers said, was that if the liquid tar sets for a period, it can harden on the road.

In the tobacco case, they went out and found all the studies where mice painted with tobacco tar didn’t get cancer.

If they’re going to get tarred as privacy-invasive, no amount of payoff is worth it.

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The State Department found that with high oil prices, the tar sands would be mined for oil, pipeline or no.

Pulling oil from the tar sands is costly, even more so when you tack transportation costs on top.

Therefore, we should—you guessed it—develop the Canadian tar sands and build the Keystone pipeline.

Loescher repeatedly emphasized that these sites are by no means limited to the La Brea Tar Pits.

It would transport bitumen and liquefied natural gas drawn from the tar sands to refineries on the Gulf Coast, mainly in Texas.

This is not the first time in history when the lack of a ha'porth of tar has spoilt the ship of State.

We may burn coal and thus change is appearance, but its particles are all there, in the form of gas, ashes or tar.

Shortly before ten, two tar-barrels were observed burning in a north-easterly direction.

While Stanley loaded a small carronade, young Welton got up blue lights and an empty tar-barrel.

In tar-kiln burning only dead wood is used, the green tree yielding less tar and of lower quality.


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