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The “honey trap” would then be snapped shut with the offer to become a spy or face disgrace and ruin.

The first happened in October 2017, when Harvey Weinstein, head of the Weinstein Company, was revealed to be a serial sexual predator and forced to retire in disgrace.

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Regardless, by the end of The Hundred and One Dalmatians, the Dearlys and their dogs do defeat Cruella, leading her to flee England in disgrace.

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This re-institutionalization of the old and mentally ill was a disgrace that proved deadly during the pandemic.

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It is adoration and judgment, celebrity and imminent disgrace, the highest honor and profound loss of face, pressed close against each other.

Years later, my brother still believes that being a girl is a disgrace, just like most of the local boys think nowadays.

I was made to believe that being a girl was such a disgrace and I was something really awful.

This is a national disgrace, and if we don't do something about it, we will all pay a terrible, terrible price.

The fight seemed to break up after the failed punch, and Bieber had to leave the restaurant in disgrace.

Hillary Clinton would have been, too, or forced to resign in disgrace.

The Marshals were inclined to attribute their disgrace to the ill-will of Berthier and not to the temper of Napoleon.

I nursed him through several attacks of delirium tremens, and was always in fear that he would get out and disgrace us.

Hitherto we have honoured his drafts, and kept your name and his free from disgrace.

"You spoke of disgrace," she observed gently, swaying her fan before her by its silken cord.

But glorious as was his success, his impetuosity soon brought him into further disgrace.


On this page you'll find 196 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to disgrace, such as: contempt, degradation, dishonor, disrespect, humiliation, and ignominy.

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