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noun as in chunk of solid material

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Because they’re all on the same hunk of silicon, they can work together far more seamlessly.

I scrambled around on sea-sanded driftwood hunks and snapped photos as surfers floated above the ocean’s ten-foot waves with grace and ease.

While it’s likely that an image of a hunk comes to mind when you think “cowboy,” the reality is that life on ranches and farms is a lot less glamorous.

From Ozy

It’s part of what’s known as the Cape York meteorite, and this chunk is called Ahnighito, which both is and isn’t a tribute to the Inuit people who originally used this hunk of iron to forge metal tools.

Level Bolt by LevelThe first invisible smart lockSmart locks have long existed as bulky hunks of metal and plastic that transform the look of your door—and not in a good way.

GERARD BUTLER The Scottish hunk is—surprisingly—leaning towards “NO” when it comes to Scottish independence.

Nine times out of ten, it will conjure up an image of a brooding, sweaty, long-haired hunk.

Taylor Kitsch's haunted by Tim Riggins, Friday Night Lights' brooding and long-haired hunk.

Jon Snow is kind of the last acceptable hunk left on Game of Thrones.

Does this hunk of glass make up for his untenable relationships?

I'll leave a blanket here for you to sleep on, and a bottle of cold coffee, some crackers, and a hunk of 'jerked.'

The latter crouched there, frozen, hanging onto his hat as if it were a hunk of dynamite.

Soon after he stopped on Cutty-hunk Island, near the coast, where he built a house.

Each man cut off a big quivering hunk of roast pork or greasy beef and passed the platter to his neighbor.

Reaching into the bib of its animal skin, it brought out a gray hunk of meat and held it toward them.


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