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The pandemic has served to highlight the two Americas King spoke of, but the pandemic has also exacerbated the gap, largely through something sociologists call “opportunity hoarding” — or the accumulation of resources at the exclusion of others.

“This inequity is due to hoarding of doses by rich nations.”

The mask debacle was about officials trying to prevent the hoarding of N95s when hospitals needed them.

The policy will hopefully prevent hoarding and help more people get their first and second doses on time.

This hoarding by rich countries means that people in the poorest countries will be waiting many, many months, and likely years, before they can get a Covid-19 vaccine dose.

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Infomania, they say, is more subtly crippling than physical hoarding.

Panicked, I reached out to hoarding experts, who often refer to any kind of obsessive digital collecting as “infomania.”

Perhaps I should be more understanding, now that my own hoarding tendencies are flaring up.

But in the Digital Age, we're at risk of a new type of hoarding that is equally problematic.

The financial system is awash with money, yet the Federal Reserve accuses both consumers and institutions of hoarding it.

She could not see the word Putney posted on a hoarding without a stirring of the spirit and a beating of the heart.

When the vernal or autumnal storms delay to break, they are gathering strength; hoarding up their fury for more sure destruction.

And until the very eve of victory, we treated Handitch not so much as a battlefield as a hoarding.

It looks out upon you—the word again, not the quality—from every hoarding.

Then, lest he become a miser hoarding gold and spending it not, Sweep at last bethought him of a kindly plan.


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