Definition for break

noun as in fissure, opening

noun as in interruption of activity

noun as in change from friendly to unfriendly relationship

noun as in lucky happening

verb as in destroy; make whole into pieces

verb as in violate law

Strongest matches

breach, violate

Weak match

renege on

verb as in weaken, cause instability

verb as in stop an action

Strongest matches

abandon, cut, give up

verb as in tell news

verb as in better a performance

Strongest match


Strong matches

beat, cap, exceed, excel, outdo, outstrip, top

Weak match

go beyond

verb as in emerge, happen

verb as in run away

Strongest match


Strong matches

abscond, dash, decamp, flee, fly

verb as in weaken something's effect

Strongest match


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Example Sentences

Coffee breaks, however, may be used for more than just coffee — if your husband promises to eat off-camera and adjust the room temperature quickly.

The break in play, though unplanned, gives the once-ailing Capitals a chance to reset.

Satellite images show that a section of a glacier broke off, but how that break relates to the subsequent floods is still unknown.

We may see a precipitation break for a few hours in the afternoon as highs hold only in the 30s.

Maryland let the game slip away during a 13-minute stretch spanning both halves during which the Terps made only 1 of 15 field goal attempts, including nine straight misses after the break.

This is the Mexico that U.S. college students would be wise to steer clear of on spring break.

I was already over forty, had hardly a nickel in my pocket and this was the biggest break in my life.

This sultry ballad about break-ups and make-ups in the City of Angels is haunting stuff.

Google itself has taken a break and put plans for mass production on hold.

She had to break the news to William that The Sun had the story.

Were you ever arrested, having in your custody another man's cash, and would rather go to gaol, than break it?

If old Piegan Smith hadn't been sampling the contents of that keg so industriously he would never have made a break.

General Houston had attacked them with three hundred of our people, but had not been able to break their ranks.

For good or ill, the torrent of rebellion was suffered to break loose, and it soon engulfed a continent.

Victor was the younger son and brother—a tete montee, with a temper which invited violence and a will which no ax could break.


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