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A crushing way to lose, but in comparison to all the fades into summers past, it was a compelling way to go out.

If your brakes change feeling on long descents, with the lever pull increasing or decreasing, or if they experience a major fade in power, it’s time for a bleed.

The novel, which is set in the United States at some undetermined point in the future, follows Klara throughout almost her entire life-cycle from the shop floor to life with her adopted family to her eventual “slow fade.”

From Time

Brown outmaneuvered Humphrey on a fade pattern to catch Tannehill’s lob into the end zone.

Once the base coat is dry I will apply shadows, fades and highlights with an airbrush.

From Ozy

But for those on the Israeli right who are hoping that this deferred dream will just fade away, they can forget it.

I was briefly scared into eating regularly, but all too soon, the fears fade and my old habits return.

But the sunlight is threatening to fade and a three-and-a-half-hour river journey back to Kisangani looms.

If a Queen did cheat, her crimes fade into insignificance compared to the extensive philandering engaged in by medieval monarchs.

We can hope that it begins to fade, just as the air seems to finally be leaking out of Black Friday.

In contrast to the Widal, it begins to fade about the end of the second week, and soon thereafter entirely disappears.

Her hope persisted until half-past nine: it then began to fade, and, at ten o'clock, was extinct.

Then I said to myself in answer to the poet, "Here's the cheek that doth not fade, too much gazed at."

His thoughts grew dreadfully confused, and his confidence in himself began to fade.

On this light being covered again the figure would apparently fade away.


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