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verb as in become afraid

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The crop, which can be eaten raw, blanched and cooked like pasta, dried and powdered, or even flash-frozen, has many applications, from salads to umami-amplifying butter.

You’d also probably roast a pumpkin or blanch peas, but they’re both actually fruits.

I love eating whole snap peas raw as part of a full crudite platter or simply paired with hummus so I can appreciate their crunch in all its glory, but they are delicious blanched or quickly sauteed, too.

A one-pan salmon dinner with minty peas, orange and fennelWhen you get home, blanch and chill the peas, then toss them with sliced radishes in a simple lemon and olive oil dressing.

There, blood sits at the bottom of a bowl beneath blanched vegetables, blanched noodles and paper-thin slices of raw beef, all topped with sweltering broth.

Most Republicans blanch instinctively at the political rhetoric of “the new Cleveland.”

True, many Brazilians—and not a few of his fellow city councilors—blanch at Apolinário's fevered views.

His more polemical books, such as Black Mass and Straw Dogs, often posit a worldview bleak enough to make Beckett blanch.

Blanch squash for about one minute, drain and cool with cold water.

Blanch the spinach and parsley in boiling salted water until completely tender and then cool in ice water.

A cry, which heard, even at noon day, seldom fails to blanch the manliest cheek.

Strong in lowliness, they neither blanch in heat nor pine in frost.

"Yep, he air dead," fell from Tessibel; for she had seen the large, glazed eyes draw in at the corners and the little face blanch.

And then his steady successes were offset by a disaster that caused even his face to blanch.

Pare fruit if desired or blanch or scald in boiling water a small quantity of fruit at a time.


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