Definition for get

verb as in fall victim to, as a diseases

verb as in seize

verb as in come to be

Strongest matches

become, go, grow, realize, run, turn

Strong matches

achieve, attain, effect, wax

Weak matches

come over, develop into

verb as in understand

verb as in arrive

Strongest matches

advance, come, come to, land, reach, show

Strong match


verb as in contact for communication

Strongest match


Weak match

get in touch

verb as in arrange, manage desired goal

Strongest matches

make, order

Weak match

make up

verb as in convince, induce

verb as in have an effect on

verb as in produce offspring

Strongest match


verb as in irritate, upset

verb as in confuse

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Example Sentences

In this cockamamie get-rich scheme, would they all issue an apology if he cut a check?

The kids are out of school, Mom is out of get-up-and-go, Dad is out of work.

But while Yariv and Nakarin have had plenty of their friends over for dinner, this is no regular get-together.

So it's really a take-what-you-can-get kind of situation with him.

And so I knew from the get-go that they would have to add action, which they have.

The man called Shiv was driving Delancy's get-away car at a conservative pace so as not to excite suspicion.

Ten minutes later, Delancy drove the get-away car out of the service station.

It was in this room that Delancy's get-away car had changed paint jobs, and in about ten minutes.

But the exquisite was used to it; he would only have felt badly if they had ignored his new get-up.

There was some sort of a phonograph device under the cowl of that get-away car, and this was hooked up to the radio switch.


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