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Glenn provided specific cases where more data would have helped site owners, and he provided a way for you to get involved by including a poll in the story that you can complete.

After it completes this demographic of 30 million people, the government will roll out the vaccine for those above 50 years, and those below 50 but with co-morbidities.

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That run under Gibbs was a masterful exhibition of building a complete team around the position, and Washington thrived during an era in which many teams managed to lift the Lombardi Trophy without needing a Hall of Fame-bound quarterback.

On Tuesday, Liang and an official from China’s National Health Commission declared the China leg of the WHO probe complete and called for its scope to be expanded globally to answer the origin question.

When they can’t see your face as well or they can’t read your lips as well, that may be a challenge because they can’t hear you accurately to complete the cognitive testing.

He then provides some insight into his psyche - complete with Animal House reference.

Complete male reproductive independence would also hinge on artificial womb technology, which also made headlines in 2014.

Occasionally, a level will take 20 or more strokes to complete.

Still, McGee never trusts him enough to tell the complete story of what happened that day.

Sullivan has by then moved in to help and he seeks to complete the arrest of the first man.

However this be, it is hard to say that these fibs have that clear intention to deceive which constitutes a complete lie.

He became a doctor in two hours, and it only cost him twenty dollars to complete his education.

Prud'hon, in humiliation and despair, lived in a solitude almost complete.

He staggered along with much difficulty and managed to complete half of it by Christmas.

A culture which was complete one thousand years before Adam must have needed many thousands of years to develop.


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The adjective complete implies that a certain unit has all its parts or is fully developed or perfected, and may apply to a process or purpose carried to fulfillment: a complete explanation. Entire means whole, having unbroken unity: an entire book. Intact implies retaining completeness and original condition: a package delivered intact. Perfect emphasizes not only completeness but also high quality and absence of defects or blemishes: a perfect diamond.

On this page you'll find 389 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to complete, such as: entire, exhaustive, full, outright, thorough, and gross.

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