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People starting on a health journey often turn to supplements, probably because we like buying things more than we like doing hard physical work.

Vegans who want to build significant muscle, however, may benefit from a leucine supplement, because plant-based proteins are generally lower in this amino acid than their animal-based counterparts.

Digital contact tracing is a supplement to traditional manual contact tracing.

From Fortune

Today, scientists around the world are using cutting-edge technologies, from subcutaneous biosensors to specialized food supplements, in an effort to improve safety and efficiency within the $385 billion global cattle meat industry.

Others noted that while the extra payment made sense as a short-term stimulus measure, economists might approach the long-term consequences of such a generous supplement differently.

The flowers and leaves of this herb are used to make medications and the supplement is popularly used for depression.

This dietary supplement originates in China and has been reported to enhance cognitive ability in healthy individuals.

Williams was trying to promote Anatabloc, a dietary supplement developed by his company.

I was grateful I could supplement my voracious reading with other media, as it kept me feeling current.

Annunziato and Akerman are in agreement that CrowdMed is best deployed as a supplement, not a substitute.

He prepared a glossary of provincial and archological words, intended for a supplement to Johnson's Dictionary.

It came to be used as a supplement to the law to indicate ways of doing things unknown to the law, which ought to be done.

Our valley does not number among its men many who can supplement their sentimental attentions with gifts of books.

A few further remarks on this and other important topics will well supplement what we have said.

He also wrote a supplement of three volumes, entitled "Lee's Lieutenants," which was exceptionally well received.


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