Definition for component

adjective as in constituent

noun as in part, element

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Example Sentences

Reduction is not best choice when you want a major change in consistency or for stews where there is risk of overcooking its other components.

We’ve broken down each of these components and provided some of our favorite products to get you started on your journey to better sleep.

With the budget price, you’ll get lighter components—which means you may not get as many years out of it with heavy use.

When it comes to heated blankets that have wiring, electrical components, or batteries, washability isn’t always possible.

With one major component, the team was able to mimic key brain processes—neuron firing, synapse processing, and learning—at an atomic scale.

Lakes on Titan are full of methane, and the chemical is a major component of the giant planets Jupiter, Neptune, and so forth.

But it is the designs for less formal occasions where Kate has found a fundamental component of her working wardrobe.

Ultimately it is liberty, of which artistic freedom is a key component, which distinguishes the Jewish State from its enemies.

Another toxic component of the fuel was hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene, a form of rubber.

No doubt that a military component must be part of this approach.

The flute, a component part of the organ, is one of the most ancient of musical instruments.

Avowe is all one word, though its component parts were often written apart.

If the web is a braced web, then the vertical component of the stress in the web bars cut by the section must be equal to S.

In such cases it is extremely likely that an ion of the salt in question forms a complex ion with a component of the solution.

The sign always denotes the character of the charge on the first component written in the subscript to .


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