Definition for factor

noun as in determinant

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Example Sentences

It can differ from a person’s chronological age owing to health and lifestyle factors, as well as genetics.

From Fortune

So, ideally, we’d want to know how well each vaccine works in people with the most significant risk factors.

From Axios

Price tends to be a significant factor in the success of a video game console.

From Fortune

Key factor that’s already changing rankings is Cumulative Layout Shift.

No single factor can explain, say, why one person pursues a life of crime and another excels in college.

It is the steady accretion of detail that may yet be the most damaging factor in the battle for British hearts and minds.

The quality of the music is a major factor in this recent surge.

Therefore in our view we need to talk about our wood management before any other factor in the maturation of The Macallan.

But while the GoPro is impressive by itself, it has some serious wow factor when combined with a drone.

The main factor at the time was simply a lack of opportunity before we ended the book for the big New 52 line-wide relaunch.

Where goods are confided to a factor without instructions, authority to exercise a fair and reasonable discretion is implied.

The authority of a factor to fix the terms of selling may be by agreement or by usage, like any other agent.

A factor is employed to sell goods, and not to barter or exchange them, and if he should do this his principal could recover them.

The true causes of the depression were not within the control of the Insular Government or of any ruling factor.

This pronunciation of the nasal vowels in French is, as is well known, an important factor in the famous "accent du Midi."


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