Definition for element

noun as in essential feature

noun as in place where one feels comfortable

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Example Sentences

Also spending on other, and different, elements of the campaign.

Only the Soviet Union has successfully landed on the Venusian surface—its Venera 13 lander functioned for 127 minutes before succumbing to the elements in 1982.

It’s ubiquitous in the nation, so it’s easy to see how it could become a hugely disruptive element in the search landscape.

To do this, the team analyzed isotopes — different forms of an element — of carbon and nitrogen in the diamonds, as well as isotopes of oxygen in the inclusions.

Here’s a comprehensive guide that looks into all the elements that you can capture to win your spot in Google’s top SERP real estate.

Very bass-y house, if I was in my element and playing what I like to play.

It may now be time for RSD to address the violent element within his own organization.

Anne Marie was in her element, jabbering away in heavily accented Liberian English, the center of attention.

The public cheered Holmes when she broke away from Cruise with a similar element of challenge and ingenuity.

Regrow limbs, cure cancer, or rock a killer outfit à la Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element.

And now there was added to this devotion an element of indefinable anxiety which made its vigilance unceasing.

That he might lose his head and 'introduce an element of sex' was conscience confessing that it had been already introduced.

This element of symbolic indication will be found to run through the whole of childish drawing.

At once dignified, solemn, and impressive, it combined every element of grandeur.

His good sense showed him how large an element of injustice entered into these hostilities.


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