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I’m curious if there’s any research on how a dog in daily life affects your trajectory, temperament, and so on.

ABA evaluators found that Barrett’s integrity, judicial temperament and academic charter “met the very high standards for appointment to the Supreme Court,” said Randall Noel, a Memphis attorney who led the review.

In those cases, kids were able to connect with adults and peers throughout childhood regardless of temperament.

Western societies, Mead concluded, had learned over time to associate specific temperaments with the social roles into which they placed the biological sexes.

Maybe just describe some either actions or temperament or handling of a term of a Fed chair in medium-recent history — last four or five, six decades, whatever — that you just particularly admire.

He throws every fiber of his being into each performance, altering his posture, elocution, temperament, and more.

He mistrusted the “shish-kebab temperament” of the conductor, the Armenian Alexander Melik-Pashayev.

Héctor's older brothers Arturo and Alfredo were men with the right temperament to preside over a multinational crime syndicate.

She was a little fairy and she flew around and she had a temperament.

As left-wing biographer Rick Perlstein grants, Goldwater was a man of color-blind temperament, conviction, and personal action.

The intellectual temperament finds voice in many great expressions, which are very Dante and also very Thomas, as Par.

The truth is, the modern "problematische Natur" has no charms for a transparent and simple temperament like his.

We had yet to learn the temperament of a capital, where every half-hour produced a total change of the popular mind.

This was a very strong expression of approbation, and an uncommonly hearty welcome from a person of Mr. Sikess temperament.

Much has been lost by adopting equal temperament, but more has been gained.


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