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noun as in inclination, preference toward something

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Example Sentences

That predilection toward contextual and time-of-day targeting in place of audience targeting likely offsets any urgency to embrace tracking alternatives for the publisher.

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The wife of a falangist officer in Talavera had a similar predilection, though she also shouted “Viva Franco” as she fired.

From Time

Before that, she was a biology student with a predilection for fungi, and before that a jungle-trained member of the Air Force.

The Bush women were not destined to break the mold — only to maintain it and shape it ever so gently with their own style, personality and predilections.

“You followed that precedent, and you did so as a jurist rather than following whatever personal predilection might have otherwise guided you or any other member of the panel,” Lee said.

For those with a predilection for immaculately fine and delicate paintings by Botticelli, his Madonna of the Book will satisfy.

They drink too much, their bellies distend, and most possess a predilection for siliconed blondes and themed belt buckles.

He justifies this controversial predilection by explaining, "Drakkar reminds me of me, and I love me."

But if you can get past the predilection for alliteration and the teehee!

While playing this more mature role, it appears that Lawrence developed a predilection for all things boudoir.

Some of them might have a predilection for Germany; but such predilections were subordinate to a stronger feeling.

With his usual predilection for fruit, Phil went off and picked a quart of marsh-berries.

The simple unexaggerated truth is that Chopin had always a predilection for, and felt more at home among, his compatriots.

Liszt gives us all the desirable information as to Chopin's predilection in this respect.

Chopin's predilection for the fashionable salon society led him to neglect the society of artists.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for predilection?

A predilection is a partiality, predisposition, or an inclination, especially for liking or preferring something (in which case you could call it a fondness). The word predilection can imply that this is stronger than a preference—that it’s more of a tendency.

Is it predilection to or predilection for?

We say that someone has a predilection for something, and we also say partiality for, fondness for, and preference for. In contrast, we usually say someone has an inclination toward something.

Predilection doesn’t necessarily need to be used with for. Sometimes it just stands alone, as in Among his many predilections was a fondness for tea in the evening.

What part of speech is the word predilection?

Predilection is a noun. It does not have verb or adjective forms.

If you wanted to use a verb construction to express that someone has a predilection for something, you could say that they favor it, prefer it, or tend to do it or like it.

How do you use predilection in a sentence?

Predilection is a pretty formal word. It’s usually used in the context of liking things over others or tending to choose something or engage in a particular activity. Sometimes, it suggests a bias toward something.

Here are some examples of predilection in a sentence:

  • When it comes to music, I don’t have a predilection—my taste is very eclectic.
  • The mayor has a predilection for appearing on TV. 
  • The entire interior design industry seems to have a predilection for minimalism.

On this page you'll find 83 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to predilection, such as: fondness, leaning, penchant, predisposition, proclivity, and propensity.

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