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noun as in shape formed by two lines meeting at a point

noun as in personal approach, purpose

verb as in fish

Strong match

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Not only can an arm lift your display off a surface, freeing the desktop up for other uses and reducing wire clutter, but it also brings the screen to a comfortable height and allows you the flexibility to pivot and view it from a number of angles.

Once again, human eyes can only guess what the actual angle had been.

In our brains, neurons in specialized regions of the visual cortex register certain general elements in what the eyes see, such as the edges of objects, lines tilted at particular angles, and color.

To bring the image into the lens, the phone has a prism to reflect light into the lens at an angle, like a submarine’s periscope.

From Fortune

The researchers presented people with images of coins titled at various angles.

My captain on the boat, Brazakka, he wanted me to do this Hemingway bit, with the white stubble, and he wanted the hero angle.

Another angle Robinov suggests as a possibility for Peter Parker/Spider-Man is a franchise reboot tackling Spidey as… an adult.

The Qataris famously play every angle, cutting deals, for instance, with the Israelis as well as the Iranians.

We see the protoplanetary disk around it at an angle, but nearly “face-on.”

Which is lucky: we can see the gaps in the disk more clearly than if the disk were at a steeper angle.

In the centre of many of the rooms there played a small fountain; in others there were four, one in each angle.

The rest is done by cutting away two upper and four under-teeth, and substituting false ones at the desired angle.

For the entire matter then turned over in his mind, so that he saw it from a new angle suddenly.

He aimed at the yawning hippopotamus and fired, hitting it on the skull, but at such an angle that the ball glanced off.

Take a case in Trigonometry—a Complement is what remains after subtracting an angle from one right-angle.


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