Definition for position

noun as in physical place

noun as in posture, stance

noun as in belief, point of view

noun as in class, stature

noun as in responsibility in business or other enterprise

verb as in place physically in location

Strongest matches

arrange, locate, put, stand, stick

Strong matches

array, dispose, fix, set, settle

Weak match

lay out

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Example Sentences

The scanner is light and super easy to use, and you can even put it away in a vertical position to make room for drawing when you’re done.

Ironically, it is elderly men in senior positions who often have a reputation for talking endlessly during meetings and resenting any challenge to their authority, especially from women, experts say.

If I were actually applying for a position, the system would compare my scores with those of employees already working in that job.

We are disgusted and outraged that someone in a position of power and trust would use it for these means.

It’s more that he’s in a better position to do the things that make him such a great player.

Satirists occupy a perilous position—to skewer dogma and cant, and to antagonize the establishment while needing its protection.

You have to acknowledge your age and position in life, for me quite a lot of those emotionally fueled songs were hormone songs.

If the ball goes off the screen, it teleports back to the starting position.

In a 2009 interview, Church apostle Dallin H. Oaks held that the Church “does not have a position” on that point.

And by the time an airplane was in the water, its exact position would be known.

In this position, the line of cavalry formed the chord of the arc described by the river, and occupied by us.

Polavieja, as everybody knew, was the chosen executive of the friars, whose only care was to secure their own position.

Cousin George's position is such a happy one, that conversation is to him a thing superfluous.

It is only necessary to have a zinc, or a galvanized tray on which to stand the glass in an inverted position.

The case may be kept in a light position, and when once under way it will rarely need any additional water.


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