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noun as in room to move, grow

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As new laws are designed to give school districts extra leeway to deny charter schools, learning pods, a component of distance learning, have become a viable alternative to traditional public schools and charter schools.

Larger productions, like network TV shows, have less leeway since they require more time to shoot.

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As explained above, Kavanaugh appears to be largely indifferent to voting rights, and is willing to give state legislatures a great deal of leeway to disenfranchise voters.

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A police tactic meant to keep officers safer — raiding homes late at night, giving occupants little or no warning — can conflict with “castle doctrine” laws meant to keep homeowners safe by giving them leeway to use deadly force against intruders.

Secretaries of state, who oversee statewide voting and work with county election officials, have broad leeway to act in ways that can limit or expand the franchise.

Police are often given great leeway in determining whether or not to use lethal force, and are rarely indicted for doing so.

Charter schools have leeway over their calendar, curriculum, and who they hire and fire.

Federal judges are afforded a great deal of leeway by the legal system due to the difficulty of removing them from office.

Now that the world is set, it gives us some leeway to have fun with the story and characters.

The results could be a gravely weakened Rouhani, stripped of the leeway in talks that he currently enjoys.

Such a contrivance helps to improve the leeway of so shallow a boat, although not proportionately to the area immersed.

Mollett's theory is that it is better to cut away every inch of deadwood which is not absolutely necessary for preventing leeway.

"She's makin' leeway the best I can do," came back from Skipper Zeb.

I suppose,” he said presently, “you have made ample allowance for leeway, and for our drift while hove-to?

We were marching a little to the east of the wind, and the sledge was continually blown sideways, making considerable leeway.


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