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verb as in beg

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We implore parents and caretakers to get vaccinated themselves to protect vulnerable children from infection.

From Time

When she awoke, she rushed to the computer and implored him in an email to respond right away.

I sent him a missive, imploring him to brave this perilous journey with me.

He calls another, imploring him to act now, because he can’t imagine the Ohtani will last long.

In her letter, Finkelstein implored the organization for an increase in screening and access to at-home fetal monitoring.

Probably his actual words from the Bible, which implore Christians to care for the poor.

We know the risk he and his wife are taking for all of us, and we implore you, O good and great God, to keep him safe.

Dear fellow Jews—I implore you: Please, please stop trying to make people shut up.

Now, as they enter the fourth estate and seek its reinvention, I implore them: be bold.

If you are reading this, Bill Keller's psychiatrist, I implore you to work this through with him.

Were you a free man at this moment, and went down on your knees to implore me to give you Anne, I would not do it.

"I implore you, yield to these wise words," now put in the archdeacon addressing Gaudry.

If I loved you, it would be entirely different; so once more, and for the last time, I implore you to let us part as friends.'

Therefore when we hear the sound of the cornet we should implore God to rebuild the Temple.

O you who are quickly ready to help, I implore you for wealth whereby we may overshadow all men, like the sky.


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