Definition for strike

verb as in hit hard

verb as in make an impact

verb as in find, discover

verb as in devastate, affect

verb as in walk out of job in protest

noun as in work stoppage

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Example Sentences

For months before the pandemic struck, I was commuting to work by foot.

From Fortune

One officer then discharged his service weapon, striking Chavez, who fell to the ground.

After I spoke with Foxworth, the New York City teachers union decided to not strike, after the city agreed to delay in-person learning by 11 days.

The last thing the Bucks can afford to do now is strike out looking.

In 2017, when Hurricane Maria struck, his nonprofit organization Waves for Water went to work.

The influential al Qaeda propagandist, who was born in New Mexico, died in a U.S. drone strike later that year.

Should lightning strike and Hillary Clinton forgoes a presidential run, Democrats have a nominee in waiting.

A senior Iranian official in Pakistan later confirmed the strike took place, declining to elaborate.

Saleem believes that the strike came from a nearby airbase across the Iranian border.

Leave it to Katniss to cut through a story with one perfectly aimed strike.

The heir apparent and his brothers were cowering in fear, afraid to strike, yet hoping that others would strike for them.

On this the royal band of music would strike up its liveliest airs, and a great bell would toll its evening warning.

It is much easier to strike quickly than slowly, but practice in the slow movement will develop both muscular and nervous power.

Not while I had the open prairie underfoot and the summer sky above, and hands to strike a blow or pull a trigger.

(Thoughtfully to himself) I wonder how a rough scenario would strike the managers.


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