Definition for affect

verb as in influence, affect emotionally

verb as in pretend, imitate

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Example Sentences

Defects on this chromosome are more likely to affect men, who have only one copy, while women have two.

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With this information we can continue to develop powerful new models with better accuracy for determining how different habitat factors, such as the number of milkweed stems or nectaring flowers on a landscape scale, affect the monarch population.

We are part of an international study to understand how women who are expecting to or have given birth are affected by stress related to the pandemic.

For example, it recently implemented a clothing closet, where people could donate items to assist families affected by the pandemic.

If it’s not affecting me physically or emotionally, I can’t get angry and I won’t be scared.

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The vaccine is delivered through a “carrier virus” that causes a common cold in chimpanzees but does not affect humans.

At this point in his life, Denton has enough filthy lucre in his bank account to affect a certain lack of interest in the stuff.

If they are treating black people differently, then how can that not affect the president?

We tried to become involved with committees that affect us and policing before Ferguson.

Her personal feelings about religion do not affect how she behaves legally, politically, or socially.

It did not in any way affect prices or wages, which were rendered neither greater nor less thereby.

He did not affect to conceal his anger; and yet, strange to say, it was not visible to Mr Bellamy.

All the parts are made of metal, so that no change in the weather can affect their relative positions.

As all parts of this apparatus are of metal changes in humidity or temperature do not affect its regulation.

At such a moment neither party would affect to forget the Bruce's royal pretensions.


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