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verb as in mimic

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Except in this novel, it’s almost all of the animals—monkeys, apes, big cats, bears, and wolves—that are disappearing.

We aren’t God’s final and most perfect creation, after all, but merely one more product of the same evolutionary process that gave rise to apes, lampreys, and limpets.

After finding the Ramnagar molar in 2015, Gilbert’s team compared it with corresponding teeth of living and extinct apes and monkeys.

It turned out to be a roughly 13-million-year-old molar from a small-bodied ape related to modern gibbons.

People would gather to watch the apes in Rwanda’s national parks.

His play The Hairy Ape, the agent noted, “could easily lend itself to radical propaganda.”

It was just another crazy Twitter account, with one exception: this ugly ape represented me, without my permission.

They found that 60 percent of plantations overlapped with great ape habitat across the entire area.

But a series of misunderstandings triggers an all-out war between man and ape, threatening the future of mankind.

Yup, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld compared President Obama to an ape.

Widder Morse wants to ape these well-to-do folks that live tother end o Whiffle Street.

In the cave of Naulette, near Dinant, Belgium, has been found the lower jaw of a man of decidedly ape-like aspect.

The lower jaws in both were heavy, while the woman was almost destitute of a chin—a marked ape-like characteristic.

This disposition the man-ape lost as its foot fitted itself to the surface of the ground.

It is quite within the limits of probability, for instance, that the man-ape at an early date became omnivorous in its diet.


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