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adjective as in insane

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Example Sentences

No threat of Room 808 knocking me into oblivion during a crazed indoor sprint, ending my Games early.

From Time

We chowed down, a little buoyed by a news report that some cicadas have a fungus that makes the bugs sex-crazed “flying salt shakers of death.”

The adoption of grocery store UPC bar codes beginning in the 1970s inspired crazed doomsday scenarios in which people walked around like zombies with bar codes tattooed across their foreheads.

There were several calls for a “mental subject” and even a “crazed person dancing in traffic.”

There were no crazed $100 million long shots, no haphazard grabs at big names with no plan for how those names would fit a team.

But it looks like it was created by crazed person with obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Imagining novels as biological specimens creates a crazed and mythic zoology of hybrids, beasts, mutants, and aberrations.

Did Vince Gilligan remember you from that X-Files episode you were on where you played the crazed bigot?

Perhaps the only other role he gave as much to is that of the crazed preacher in The Night of the Hunter.

You have not been indoctrinated into unwanted-yet-inescapable tribal allegiances by your soccer-crazed countrymen.

An' the old woman be quite crazed, an' well nigh dead wi' grief, an' has not been out o' bed for a fortnite.

Now I was sure that he was crazed in all truth, and I would speak him fair that I might learn what he would tell me.

And almost crazed with grief, David rushed across the room, but he stopped at the door.

Truth is, this drink-crazed madman was a hoodlum gunman from Chicago or Saint Louis, that had lost his nerve.

Lux, like one crazed, suddenly rushed headlong away between the trees and down the hill.


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