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What are other ways to say conduct?

To conduct is to precede or escort to a place, sometimes with a degree of ceremony: to conduct a guest to his room. Guide implies continuous presence or agency in showing or indicating a course: to guide a traveler. To direct is to give information for guidance, or instructions or orders for a course of procedure: to direct someone to the station. To lead is to bring onward in a course, guiding by contact or by going in advance; hence, figuratively, to influence or induce to some course of conduct: to lead a procession; to lead astray.


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My administration will continue to insist upon professional conduct from all our employees, regardless of their position in state government.ALASKA’S ATTORNEY GENERAL RESIGNS HOURS AFTER WE PUBLISHED “UNCOMFORTABLE” TEXTS HE SENT TO A YOUNGER COLLEAGUEBY KYLE HOPKINS, ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWSAUGUST 25, 2020PROPUBLICA
Kondrat said Glossier’s decision to create a code of conduct for customers is also a move that other retail startups should consider emulating.BY BEING TOO CUSTOMER-OBSESSED, DTC STARTUPS ARE FAILING THEIR RETAIL EMPLOYEESANNA HENSELAUGUST 21, 2020DIGIDAY
Irrational aspects of human behavior—chauvinistic nationalism and racial intolerance—keep us locked in patterns of conduct highly dangerous in the nuclear age, and dangerous in relation to other changes brought about by science.FROM THE ARCHIVES: TECHNOLOGY AND POWERKATIE MCLEANAUGUST 19, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
To many untrained observers there clearly seemed to be wrongful conduct on the part one or both of the companies.GENIUS NOT LOOKING SO SMART AFTER GOOGLE ESCAPES LIABILITY FOR ‘MISAPPROPRIATING’ LYRICSGREG STERLINGAUGUST 11, 2020SEARCH ENGINE LAND
In 2018, an appellate court concluded that the city attorney’s office had broken the State Bar’s rules of professional conduct by breaching a suspect’s right to attorney-client privilege.MORNING REPORT: SDPD HAS TICKETED DOZENS FOR ‘SEDITIOUS LANGUAGE’VOICE OF SAN DIEGOAUGUST 3, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
Boohoo has called the reports inaccurate and emphasized it does not tolerate violations of its supplier code of conduct, though it has cut ties with two suppliers and commissioned an independent review of its supply chain.BOOHOO’S LABOR ISSUES ARE A FAR TOO COMMON PROBLEM IN FASHIONMARC BAINJULY 9, 2020QUARTZ
Further, the accused will receive greater protections under the clear and convincing evidentiary standard because it will be more difficult to prove that the alleged conduct was a policy violation.HERE’S HOW THE NEW TITLE IX REGULATIONS WILL AFFECT SEXUAL ASSAULT CASES ON CAMPUSLGBTQ-EDITORMAY 7, 2020NO STRAIGHT NEWS
This says that everyone should act as if their behavior could form the basis for a universal law of human conduct.A PHILOSOPHER ANSWERS EVERYDAY MORAL DILEMMAS IN A TIME OF CORONAVIRUSLGBTQ-EDITORAPRIL 15, 2020NO STRAIGHT NEWS
The second thing is, the uncertainty created by the general conduct standard.CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? (EP. 406)STEPHEN J. DUBNERFEBRUARY 20, 2020FREAKONOMICS
Examples of potentially unlawful conduct include insults, taunting, or ethnic epithets, such as making fun of a person’s foreign accent or comments like, “Go back to where you came from, ” whether made by supervisors or by co-workers.IS IT THE WAY I TALK? HIRING DISCRIMINATION BASED ON AN ACCENT IS ILLEGAL.TRUTHBETOLDJANUARY 25, 2020TRUTHBETOLD.NEWS


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