Definition for routine

adjective as in habitual

noun as in habitual activity

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Example Sentences

Another friend blocked her niece, whose routine ranting had crossed the line into shaming and bullying anyone who voted for the other party.

A man well known for his strict bed-at-8 routine was still awake, trying to put an edge on his teammates.

No matter who you are or your walk of life, there are areas of opportunity in your home and routine alike for a more streamlined experience.

He responded to eight routine police incidents on that shift, according to town records.

The first day, some students wanted to take naps midday like they did at home, and the school had to review routines and school-day structures with the students.

For now, Sabrine continues her daily routine of visits to the protest camp, to political leaders and taking care of the twins.

Royal Christmases have a rhythm and routine—but this year Will, Kate, and baby George have their own, more relaxed plans.

For OK Go, the four-piece band from Chicago, mainstream success started with eight treadmills and a choreographed dance routine.

“This [investigation] is part of routine procedure following the death of any firefighter,” he told The Daily Beast.

I'm pleased with my decision to avoid the routine script problems in favor of the spicy stuff.

They don't seem to think there would be much good gained by begging for special favours through routine channels.

They are easily seen with the one-sixth objective in the routine microscopic examination.

The morning to sleep, the afternoon to business and the evening to enjoyment, seems the usual routine with the favored classes.

He was a good country practitioner, and, I suppose, knew the ordinary routine of his work quite well.

An occasional visit to her parents, and to her old friends the nuns, was all that interrupted the quiet routine of daily duties.


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