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The work-at-home frenzy has led to the natural prediction that tech companies may decentralize their workforces away from the typical and pricey New York and Silicon Valley hubs to less trafficked areas.

From Fortune

That’s roughly 45% cheaper than the physical ticket price, which is typical for a pricing strategy, said Franscescone.

From Digiday

Most of these homes are 500 square feet or less, perhaps a little larger than the size of a typical two-car garage.

In a typical office setting, the answer might involve the smoky scent of coffee grounds or a whiff of citrus-tinged disinfectant.

From Quartz

Without the distractions typical of an office — like a coworker stopping by for a quick chat or a noisy neighbor — Main and Rose employees are able more easily focus on the tasks at hand.

From Digiday

Its beautifully aged wooden exterior houses traditional floor seating and beautiful gardens typical of the area.

In the absence of typical classrooms and curriculums, West Africans have opted for alternate methods of learning and education.

Working there gave him his first experience of attention (he was much younger than your typical auctioneer).

This 16 percent, known as the “cut,” is colorless in nature, and it is “reaped” with a typical alcohol content of 69.8 percent.

The typical music video you find on YouTube is colloquially called “YouTube Poop” for a reason.

Wright's stain gives the nucleus a deep purple color and the cytoplasm a pale robin's-egg blue in typical cells.

Tertian segmenting forms are less frequently typical than quartan.

Typical "segmenters" present a ring of rounded segments or spores, each with a small, dot-like chromatin mass.

He was a man of few words, but a typical British officer of the type which has made the Empire and won the war against the Huns.

Margaret Halley stared reflectively at the blotting-pad for a moment, and then described a typical seance at Kazmah's.


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