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The work-at-home frenzy has led to the natural prediction that tech companies may decentralize their workforces away from the typical and pricey New York and Silicon Valley hubs to less trafficked areas.PALANTIR AND AMAZON PICK DENVERLUCINDA SHENAUGUST 20, 2020FORTUNE
That’s roughly 45% cheaper than the physical ticket price, which is typical for a pricing strategy, said Franscescone.‘LOTS OF HALO EFFECTS’: THE FINANCIAL TIMES’ VIRTUAL LIFESTYLE FESTIVAL PIVOTS FOCUS TO U.S., GLOBAL AUDIENCELUCINDA SOUTHERNAUGUST 14, 2020DIGIDAY
Most of these homes are 500 square feet or less, perhaps a little larger than the size of a typical two-car garage.LIVING LARGE IN SMALL SPACESVALERIE BLAKEAUGUST 8, 2020WASHINGTON BLADE
In a typical office setting, the answer might involve the smoky scent of coffee grounds or a whiff of citrus-tinged disinfectant.CHOOSING A WORK-FROM-HOME SCENT CAN BOOST FOCUS AND PRODUCTIVITYSARAH TODDAUGUST 4, 2020QUARTZ
Without the distractions typical of an office — like a coworker stopping by for a quick chat or a noisy neighbor — Main and Rose employees are able more easily focus on the tasks at hand.‘WE CAN WORK ALL OVER THE PLACE’: HOW BEING FULLY REMOTE HAS HELPED ONE YOUNG BRANDING AGENCY BECOME A GLOBAL PLAYERKRISTINA MONLLOSJULY 17, 2020DIGIDAY
That event brought in 32,000 views, an audience several times bigger than a typical movie theater would be able to accommodate.HOW PUBLISHERS ARE SELLING ADVERTISERS ON VIRTUAL EVENTSKAYLEIGH BARBERJULY 17, 2020DIGIDAY
Add the fact that infographics generate 172% more backlinks than your typical blog post, and there’s a pretty convincing argument to incorporate them into your local link building strategy.10 ADVANCED SEO TACTICS TO DRIVE MORE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITECHRISTIAN CAREREJUNE 8, 2020SEARCH ENGINE WATCH
The virtual pro day is an attempt to replicate this experience by recording an athlete completing typical pro day workouts with their trainer, then sending the video off to NFL front offices.NFL DECISION TO STICK TO DRAFT DATE MAY PENALIZE SOME ‘DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH’SHIRLEY CARSWELLAPRIL 23, 2020TRUTHBETOLD.NEWS
The proportion of infected people that never develop symptoms could be more like one-third for the general population that is younger and healthier than typical cruise takers.THE CDC NOW RECOMMENDS WEARING A MASK IN SOME CASES – A PHYSICIAN EXPLAINS WHY AND WHEN TO WEAR ONELGBTQ-EDITORAPRIL 12, 2020NO STRAIGHT NEWS
This light show also tends to shimmer farther from the poles than typical auroras.NEWFOUND ‘DUNES’ IS AMONG WEIRDEST OF NORTHERN LIGHTSMARIA TEMMINGMARCH 9, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS


Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


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