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We are not talking about a trivial difference over policy — or even a major one.

Leaving your camera off for a call you don’t need to be visible for makes for a small — but not trivial — savings in carbon emissions.

It just has to be a non-trivial cost for someone who was on the margin.

That would be so regardless of how much the aliens shattered the beliefs people held about their own societies, whose beloved differences would look trivial by comparison to those with the Little Green Men.

The axion has all the right properties, which is not trivial at all.

And more trivial modifications like altering bodily odors and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Harping about a Republican war on women while wages stagnate and growth sputters is trivial and desperate.

The most riveting stories so far deal with trivial matters that sound like deleted scenes from a George Costanza fever dream.

Seemingly trivial facts gathered from a variety of experiences can change the course of a future narrative.

Clarification: in a country with vile, daily crimes against women it is wrong for privileged women to file trivial cases.

Never did events of the utmost magnitude hinge on incidents so trivial to the community at large.

They merely used such instruments as fate offered, however trivial, however clumsy.

If she ignored his note it would give undue importance to a trivial affair.

They were little reasons, trivial grains of offence which through long years had accumulated into a mountain.

His secret thoughts he buried beneath a continuous mental preoccupation with the vain and the trivial.


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