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adjective as in not important

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The Air Force prefers “attritable” to “expendable,” but what makes a swarm work is that parts of it can be lost and the mission will still be completed.

The lives and futures of LGBTQ youth are not expendable, and it’s time that they stop being treated as such.

Drivers have no rights and there are in excess so expendable.

The Falcon 9 second stage is expendable, which is the space term for essentially just junk that’s discarded and eventually de-orbits and burns up on reentry.

The first is that they are expendable, both in terms of material cost and also because they do not risk the life of an on-board pilot to operate.

Because when it comes to The Expendables franchise, no plot is expendable.

“They (critics of reform) think these people are expendable,” says Simpson.

To put it bluntly: it often leads to making everything else a secondary—that is, expendable—issue.

The real danger lies in the implication that the freedom and dignity of Jews in the diaspora is somewhat of an expendable asset.

"As a result, he treats workers as expendable resources without taking into account their contributions," Stone writes.

Government property is considered expendable or non-expendable depending upon its character.

Meanwhile I shall study your sales tapes concerning the non-expendable flitters.

From a practical standpoint, however, anything that James contracted for was expendable and of vital necessity.

He's taking the rap for another man because he knows that he is expendable and the other man isn't.

Furthermore, there seems to be some non-expendable items that can't be accounted for, a couple of major items among them.


On this page you'll find 27 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to expendable, such as: disposable, superfluous, unimportant, dispensable, excess, and inessential.

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