Definition for weak

adjective as in faint, soft

adjective as in exposed, vulnerable

adjective as in watered-down

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Example Sentences

He is too weak, too scared of the hatred he has stirred to put an end to it.

From Fortune

A meta-analysis of 426 studies found only weak effects of anti-bias training on both implicit and explicit biases.

From Fortune

Lowe’s has long been derided as a weaker version of its bigger rival Home Depot.

From Fortune

The idea became more plausible in the 1970s, after physicists discovered that massive particles carry the weak and strong forces.

Another victim of the weak advertising market, ViacomCBS reported a 27% decline in ad revenue in its second quarter.

From Digiday

They even released a (pretty damn weak) hip-hop song on SoundCloud recounting their antics.

Instead of being strong and resilient, bones become weak and brittle.

A lot of people think females are too weak for the job, but I know that all the men she worked with saw her as one of the guys.

Alas, his soul is willing, but his flesh is weak and he whiffs.

The paperwork was spotless: he had died in transit, the conjunction of a weak heart and long trip.

First Impressions are usually vivid but the power to revive them is weak—a poor memory.

First Impressions are usually weak but the power to revive them is strong—still a poor memory.

But the nasty part of the whole thing was, that Haggard had won eleven thousand pounds from a weak-headed boy.

He shut his fist and hit Butterface a weak but well intended right-hander on the nose.

But in her first rage Mrs. Charmington had been weak enough to let out that the prince had called young Mrs. Haggard "lovely."


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for weak?

Weak means not strong.

A synonym for weak in the context of physical strength is feeble. A person might also be considered weak as in cowardly or easily defeated.

Something that can easily break can be described as fragile or delicate.

When a sick or very tired person says they feel weak, it means they have no energy. A person who’s very ill and generally weak in this way might be described as frail.

When weak means lacking in force, effectiveness, or support, synonyms are ineffectual and poor, as in That’s a weak/poor excuse.

In the context of sounds, weak is used to mean faint, soft, and quiet. A weak sound might be one that’s indistinct, thin, or muffled.

A very informal slang term that can mean the same thing as weak is weak sauce.

To become weak is to weaken. A specific way of being weak is a weakness. Other terms for this are weak point, vulnerability, and soft spot. These terms often suggest a flaw that can allow someone or something to be defeated, attacked, exploited. An expression that means this is Achilles heel.

What is the opposite (antonym) of weak?

The direct and commonly used opposite of weak is strong.

Strong can be used as the opposite of weak in most contexts, such as a person’s physical strength, the effectiveness of an argument, the flavor of a drink, etc.

Other antonyms for weak include hearty and healthy (when weak means ill or frail), bold and brave (when weak means cowardly), and loud (when weak means faint or quiet).

How do you spell weak?

Weak as in lacking strength is spelled with ea. Week as in the period of seven days is spelled with ee. You can remember this because seven also has two e’s.

On this page you'll find 381 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to weak, such as: anemic, feeble, fragile, frail, hesitant, and powerless.

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