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adjective as in rugged, stony

adjective as in unyielding, inflexible

adjective as in doubtful, undependable

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Example Sentences

Megan Barrington watched the sun rise over the rocky outcrop.

That extra carbon dioxide results in oceans that are more acidic, which makes it harder for corals to build their rocky homes.

That means it probably has to be a gas giant like Jupiter rather than a rocky planet like Earth.

However, he explains, that broth could be a liquid water ocean — one that exchanges chemicals with some rocky surface.

Because things are only going to get rockier through election day.

If you doubt that, look at the history of these Northern Rocky Mountain states with the recently delisted wolf.

These agricultural pests migrate in mid-summer to the Rocky Mountains from Kansas and Nebraska to beat the heat.

Democrats are struggling up and down the ticket in the Rocky Mountain State.

By contrast, the interior of big planets like Jupiter still hold some mysteries, such as whether they have rocky cores.

Well talking about big movies, you've been cast to play Apollo Creed's grandson in a new Rocky franchise installment.

As he was toiling slowly up a narrow, rocky pass, he suddenly saw an Indian's head peering over the ledge.

On a rocky islet in the centre of a fresh water pond two miles in circuit they commenced erecting a fort and store house.

As if to prove that he was a true prophet, the herd split against a rocky pinnacle, and on this we stranded.

We were now drifting to the South by East through a wide channel, sounding in between fifty and sixty fathoms, rocky bottom.

Buache Island was visible as well as the small rocky islet between it and Cape Peron.


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