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adjective as in incorporated

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adjective as in joint

adjective as in thick

adjective as in unified

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For us, the simplicity means that it is worth it if you can have access in several clicks to consolidated inventory, profits and liabilities.

It allowed me to begin the process of placing the best content on our new consolidated pages.

It cut academic offerings, froze teacher pay, closed school buildings and consolidated students into crowded classrooms.

Businesses can also manage their organic social engagement in the same place with a consolidated inbox through Microsoft.

Socialfly consolidated and transformed into a studio with mock bedrooms, living rooms and other modifiable setups.

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By the end of February, as Hitler consolidated his power, his decision was made: He would not—indeed, could not—remain.

That means Hwang could have consolidated his position in the interim and now feels secure enough to travel for a day.

Closely coordinated with Iran, Maliki consolidated Shia control and expanded his own personal powers.

“Without Crimea, Ukraine would be more consolidated around the EU agenda,” says Irina Bekeshnina who directed the survey.

The panel adopted a three-pronged proposal to lead to a consolidated and streamlined nomination process in 2016.

As they move in toward the sun long trails of vapour stream back from the somewhat consolidated head.

While they were talking Jane had opportunity to watch and wonder at the firm, consolidated society that was Brodrick's family.

Actions against several intruders were consolidated, and that against Mr Hart came on for trial.

His empire thus consolidated, he would be virtual master of half the solid earth in the Eastern hemisphere.

By this time, also, Red Tower Consolidated was beginning to find out what it meant to have active competition.


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