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It’s hard enough under normal circumstances for a defending champion team to keep its roster intact.

Perseverance is going old-school with a drill kit to gather intact cores of rock from the ground.

Turgeon has at times referenced how this team could stay mostly intact heading into next season.

Effectively, creative writing and interpretation kept a great deal of slavery intact in early Illinois.

So McConnell gave an ultimatum saying that the rules must require that the filibuster remain intact.

To those who agreed with him, Bush pledged that the law against same-sex marriage would remain intact.

Or bold stands that may not preserve our security today or tomorrow, but keep our principles safely intact?

If it is the tank, then it looks reasonably intact, suggesting it did not fail.

The most-intact section of this image is the dark, bowl-shaped object.

“Our sensory systems seek out intact sensory experiences,” says Wagenfeld.

Considering its age, it is in a wonderfully good state of preservation, the original roof still being intact.

All intact, so far as I can see, and I fancy he'd pull through a good deal more than has happened to him.

But I fear that if I were pressed to say that I had taken steps to discover if those papers were intact——.

Free them from the net, and it falls to pieces, while the roots remain intact, the solid and persistent primitive germs of speech.

Below him the great expanse of buildings took form, and they seemed safe and intact.


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What are other ways to say intact?

The adjective intact implies retaining completeness and original condition: a package delivered intact. Perfect emphasizes not only completeness but also high quality and absence of defects or blemishes: a perfect diamond. Complete implies that a certain unit has all its parts or is fully developed or perfected, and may apply to a process or purpose carried to fulfillment: a complete explanation. Entire means whole, having unbroken unity: an entire book. 

On this page you'll find 73 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to intact, such as: flawless, perfect, unblemished, unbroken, unharmed, and unhurt.

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