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Just give me a hint, to keep me from 'bursting,' so to speak!

She had been smiling while she was telling this to him, but now she dismayed him by bursting into tears.

Cut a slit in the shell of every one to prevent their bursting when hot.

This will make them more transparent, and prevent them from bursting.

"And besides that, I hate you," she added, bursting into tears and starting for the house.

As she went away he stared after her and seemed to swell with some bursting emotion.

With the bursting open of the door, the noise of their howling had increased tremendously.

And there were the dogs, ever squabbling and bickering, bursting into uproars and creating confusions.

His heart seemed full almost to bursting, and he could not utter a word.

In a moment, as he came into view, Helen felt like bursting into tears of disappointment.


Old English berstan (intransitive) "break suddenly, shatter under pressure" (class III strong verb; past tense bærst, past participle borsten), from a West Germanic metathesis of Proto-Germanic *brestanan (cf. Old Saxon brestan, Old Frisian bersta, Middle Dutch berstan, Low German barsten, Dutch barsten, Old High German brestan, German bersten "to burst"), from PIE root *bhreus- "to burst, break, crack" (see bruise (v.)).

The forms reverted to brest- in Middle English from influence of Old Norse brestan/brast/brosten, from the same Germanic root, but it was re-metathesized late 16c. and emerged in the modern form, though brast was common as past tense through 17c. and survives in dialect.

Of extended or distended surfaces from 1530s. Figuratively, in reference to being over-full of excitement, anticipation, etc., from 1630s. Transitive sense ("to cause to break") is from late 13c. Meaning "to issue suddenly and abundantly" is from c.1300 (literal), mid-13c. (figurative). Meaning "break into sudden activity or expression" is from 1680s. Related: Bursting.


Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.