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From that day forward, I never again wanted to use a machine gun because it was an uncontrollable weapon for somebody like me.

From Ozy

Chronic exposure to violence can disrupt a child’s brain development and inflict profound mental harm — depression, anxiety, sleeplessness — and uncontrollable anger.

Fifty-mile-an-hour winds quickly stoked both into uncontrollable infernos.

I really like that this desk organizer has five distinct areas for sorting things, so I can keep track of work and personal papers separately and feel a little bit more in control during an uncontrollable situation.

From Fortune

Leonardo da Vinci even thought of including horses into the cranking scope, but later thought against it due to the uncontrollable nature of animals.

Q: So there's no side effects like uncontrollable diarrhea or bleeding profusely through your eyes?

It has no cure and as many as 90 per cent of its victims die, often from uncontrollable internal and external bleeding.

I spend waking hours in a fog of delirium, punctuated by uncontrollable giggle fits, heart palpitations, and mental anguish.

It starts with symptoms that look a lot like a common cold, which then turn into weeks of uncontrollable coughing.

First, at that height the airplane would be way beyond its operational ceiling and uncontrollable.

But thenceforth the insurgent troops became quite uncontrollable and insolent to their officers.

With an uncontrollable outburst of grief and anger he dashed the violin to the floor, where it lay a hopeless wreck.

There was time enough to seek his passport, and Isabel could well imagine that his impatience was not uncontrollable.

It would, without doubt, be very easy to advance the uncontrollable impulse as an excuse for many criminal actions.

Charles, on hearing their statements, burst into one of his fits of uncontrollable anger. '


On this page you'll find 64 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to uncontrollable, such as: fractious, intractable, irresistible, lawless, undisciplined, and unmanageable.

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