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If current trends accelerate, it may be that 10 programmers in Timbuktu could unleash something truly malevolent onto mankind.

When people think about how AI might “go wrong,” most probably picture something along the lines of malevolent computers trying to cause harm.

In this 80-minute digital piece for Shakespeare Theatre Company, he shifts his gaze and protean talents to some of the best-known, most malevolent and sometimes loved characters in Shakespeare’s plays.

We want the public to understand that he was not intentionally malevolent.

Fears of malevolent artificial intelligence plotting humanity’s downfall are a staple of science fiction.

We see it when any elite is able to get away with a malevolent act because elites protect each other.

But when the specious claims are directed at the parents of autistic children, the situation has gone from silly to malevolent.

Instead, it makes me appear capricious, malevolent and cruel.

The only malevolent presence in the house that night was a gang of snickering boys and one put-upon girlfriend.

As an African-American, I have experienced racism in all its malevolent forms.

It sent a shiver through me, and even old Piegan stood aghast at the malevolent determination of the man.

He was a man of learning and abilities, but a violent party writer, and a severe and malevolent critic.

Her disposition was sour and malevolent, despite its elegant veneer.

Suddenly it seemed a malevolent place, oppressive, threatening, grim in spite of its beauty.

Now was the opportunity to repay him for those malevolent letters.


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