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Fanone felt an excruciating pain at the base of his skull—the taser—and cried out, but he couldn’t hear himself scream.

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In law school I wrote a paper on the use of mechanical restraints in psychiatric hospitals based on my own excruciating experiences as a patient.

I felt lighter, like you are suddenly free from an excruciating weight after you carry a load on your back, when I hung up.

She tried to stay cool by dragging her body into the sparsely available shade, though this caused excruciating pain in her pelvis.

The procedure helped some, but things didn’t progress as doctors expected and one day, while driving, that excruciating pain shot down Delle Donne’s leg again.

Her back popped, leaving the former softball star frozen in excruciating pain.

The pain was so excruciating that talking was difficult for the man.

“Songs” is indeed excruciating, not because U2 is a bad band, but because they are a great one who made a lousy record.

Bucca ignored what must have been excruciating pain as he made his way to the bedside of Police Officer Steven McDonald.

But if he positioned himself a certain way, he found he could avoid excruciating agony.

This is a very dark frame of mind, consequent on overwork and the conclusion of the excruciating Ebb Tide.

As the child suffered excruciating pains he could not be transported on the ass.

The pain was so excruciating that after one moment of supreme agony, she trembled all over, then relapsed into unconsciousness.

I was wading slowly along the beach in rather deep water, when I suddenly felt a most excruciating pain in my left ankle.

The position of Holland and Denmark is one of excruciating anxiety to the citizens of those countries.


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