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For anaerobic life, which does not use oxygen, “phosphine is not so evil,” Sousa-Silva says.

Quasimodo has been brought up by an evil politician who’s confined him his entire life within the borders of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

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With a series of toy models, the researchers calculated that the biased cosmic ray particles were ever-so-slightly more likely to knock an electron loose from a “live” helix than from an “evil” one, an event that theoretically causes mutations.

A world of women is a world of people, still, with full human capacity for good or evil.

The pursuit of a favorable credit score to secure commercial loans for our cars and homes has been viewed as a necessary evil.

But along with the cartoon funk is an all-too-real story of police brutality embodied by a horde of evil Pigs.

Or has the see and hear and speak-no-evil stance of the Republican House persuaded him that he is in the clear?

One wonders if his subsequent battles with the “Evil Empire” were animated by this belief.

Luke Skywalker is an evil robot who has fallen to the dark side of the force.

The skateboarder is as irredeemably evil as the others are noble.

He alludes to it as one of their evil customs and used by them to produce insensibility.

The Majesty on high has a colony and a people on earth, which otherwise is under the supremacy of the Evil One.

Good is set against evil, and life against death: so also is the sinner against a just man.

All felt strangely as if something evil had crept into their lives, and their excitement was great.

We dismounted, and speedily found that MacRae hadn't exaggerated the evil qualities of that descent.


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Evil applies to that which violates or leads to the violation of moral law: evil practices. Ill now appears mainly in certain fixed expressions, with a milder implication than that in evil: ill will; ill-natured. Wicked implies willful and determined doing of what is very wrong: a wicked plan. Bad is the broadest and simplest term: a bad man; bad habits. 

On this page you'll find 328 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to evil, such as: bad, corrupt, destructive, hateful, heinous, and hideous.

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